Philadelphia 2023

2023 is coming in hot, and we've already released our in-person event schedule in the Facebook group! (Have you joined yet? Because you do *not* want to miss out on these amazing events!)



Philadelphia, April 27-30 

Minneapolis, June 24 



First on the calendar for 2023 is our Shop Owner Summit and TPC on Location event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Shop Owner Summit promises to be another amazing event by the interest we received this year. We have an amazing location booked, and we can't wait to announce the shop owners who will be in attendance this year.



For our TPC on Location event, we are visiting a true Philly classic...


Chickie's & Pete's is located only a few minute walk from Lincoln Financial Field  Our menu will be equally classic featuring items such as, but not limited to, Philly cheesesteaks, salad, boneless wings, roast pork, pizza, etc. Vegetarian options are already in place and GF will be arranged per person on as needed basis.
The restaurant is approximately a 10 minute Uber ride from the Philadelphia airport. There are oodles of hotel options there with a variety of price and amenities ranges based off your budget/preferences. 

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