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In this listing you will find the THIRD 2022 Wax Melt Collab from Caitlin and KeepItWaxy!!!  The theme of this bundle is "Napa Valley" which is in tribute to Caitlin's trip to Sonoma earlier this year.  In this bundle, you will receive 5 scents in 1.75 ounce bar form for the price of $19.  See the color and scent descriptions below.

  • Bubbly and Berries (1.75 ounce bar):  A pinky-red and gold double pour sprinkled with fine gold glitter.  (scent profile:  strawberries and champagne)
  • Beverly's Chardonnay (1.75 ounce bar):  A gold and soft yellow double pour sprinkled with fine gold glitter. (scent profile:  fruity, eucalyptus, cognac, spice and musk)
  • California Cacti (1.75 counce bar):  A dark green and lighter green double pour sprinkled with chunky gold glitter. (scent profile:  greens, citrus, coconut, floral, musk and woody)
  • Sonoma Sunset (1.75 ounce bar): A orange and gold double pour sprinkled with chunky gold glitter. (scent profile:  fig, pear and white musk)
  • Anette's Truffle (1.75 ounce bar):  A deep brown wax drizzled with a light brown wax. (scent profile:  gourmet dark chocolate)

Once you receive your wax, remove the cello, place a piece(s) in your warmer and let the scent fill your space.  Please note that different wax warmers and different temperatures of said wax warmers will affect the wax differently.

Waxes have been hand poured in small batches.  Wax in this listing is a soy wax blend. 

Orders are shipped via USPS; small box, priority mail (2-3 business days ship time from ship date).  They will be packaged using various colored paper crumbles. These will help protect the wax in transit.  I will do my very best to ensure your wax is not damaged in transit, but I can make no guarantees.  Please contact me with a photo if any of your wax is damaged after transit and I will do my best to remedy the situation.